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Default running vs circuit training vs skipping

hey how do you guys think these compare in terms of cardio benefits
and getting in shape-losing fat

running- the unquestioned holy grail for some.
pros-improves cardio, good for the heart and lungs
cons-over time can cause injuries to ankles and knees

(myths that are not disproved or proved about it are
according to many coaches it is the best for cardio training
but according to many bodybuilders and powerlifters
it can make you weaker if you do a lot of it)

circut training
pros-many mma guys like it because not only does it work
cardio, it always keeps your body guessing and it doesn't really adopt to it

cons-may not have enough steady state cardio in it

almost every seems to like it from boxers to wrestlers to even weight lifters

for me i like skipping the best because
you can spirts in it and also steady state
and it does not drain your legs and perhaps
strength the way running does....

all have their place
but to those who will stream about the greatness of running
and how you should a lot of it

but lets put it this way,
some coaches will tell you
bodybuilding can make you slow and bulky
just look at many bodybuilders

but they never mention
running to much long distance
can make you lanky,weak with no muscles at all
just look at long distance runners

anyways would love to hear your thoughs
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