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Default Re: duran v leonard greatness comparison.

Originally Posted by PhillyPhan69 View Post
I would say that I rate them on the same tier....They were both dominant in their respective weight classes and I rate both @ # 2 ATG in those respective divisions (Only behind SRR and Benny...although for Duran I have fluctuated w/ Gans as well). While they have opposing skill sets I would say that they are again fairly level.

I do rate Duran slightly higher in the 8-12 range and SRL in the 12-20 range (It has been a while since I have compiled a revised list???), but I would still call that same tier. I might blink if I saw someone rate SRL higher (although not so much if we were to just limit this evaluation @ LW/WW with nothing else factoring in., but I wouldn't say it was an outrage, just that I don't see it the same way...

I am not a big SRL fan (although I don't really dislike him), nor of Duran (although the gap between my levels of like is very wide indeed) so perhaps even though I try and maintain an unbiased viewpoint, I could still be unfair in this regards.

At their greatest weights,they were about level. I'd give the edge to Duran because of longevity at the weight. Apart from his loss to Esteban De Jesus in their first fight,Duran was dominant at that poundage for a good six/seven years. Leonard's career was curtailed at welterweight,as we all know, because of his eye injury. Leonard has the edge on quality opponents,though.
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