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Default Re: For anyone who has actually been in the ring share a personal true story!!

My first post!

I had my 5th amateur fight in the UK few months back. I had lost 2 on points, and won 2 by stoppage. As my record showed I have a lot of power but I am terribly hesitant to throw, especially the back hand which is my money shot.

Cut a long story short, I saw who i was fighting ( very skinny babi like lad)
We were up next, warming up in the backroom of the social club we where fighting at, hitting the pads buildin up a sweat. I saw him hitting the pads, made no crack, made no one take notice - no power.

I decided I would try to intimidate him by showing him the difference in our punch, so I put everything into the punches, I saw him looking real nervous, and i removed the pad with a hook at one point. So i go in, get in the ring, waiting for him and I see some comotion few people start talking. Turns out the guy, ( im 23, he was 30 I think ) had ran, literally bolted out the fire door rather than fight me. The thing is I was fighting in the Midlands, and it was this lads home venue if you will, his family was there! I genuinely believe it would of took more ***** for him to run away, than to come in and fight me. What would he say to his mrs ect - goodness me!
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