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Default Re: What is Steve Collins Problem?

Originally Posted by MAJR View Post
To be fair, Collins was calling out a Prime Jones back in the 1990's as well. Jones ignored him, acted as if he didn't exist and wasn't chasing him and calling him out at almost every opportunity, and Jones got away with it because Collins wasn't a household name or a big draw in the US and the American public weren't clammering for the fight so Collins wasn't an opponent he had to face to save face nor was it a fight that would generate mega-bucks - in fact, the American networks ignored Collins as well and were saying that nobody wanted to fight Jones so he had to move up a division.

Collins wanted a fight with Prime Jones and never got it, Collins chased Jones for years only to get the cold shoulder. It was a fight he desperately wanted that he never got because Jones and the American networks just ignored him. It's unfinished business in his book so of course he'd go on about it.

Course the money helps as well.

And as for him calling out a shot Roy Jones, well, I think that's perfectly fine considering Collins himself hasn't been in a pro-fight since 1997 so he's shot as well.
Collins lost every major fight he had in the US (McCallum/Johnson/Kalambay)
he had to move to UK to become a two weight 'world champion'

(NB: I know Kalambay fight was in Italy, but Collins was still US based at the time)

He won his middleweight 'title' beating lightmiddle Pyatt.

He won his supermiddle 'title' beating a weight drained, shop worn Eubank.

He then looked dire against the likes of Brown/Carr/Seillier.

The WBO 'title' he held had no credibility whatsoever in the US.

A fight with Jones wouldn't have drawn breath in the States as it would have (rightly) been regarded as a mismatch.

Jones wouldn't fight outside of US.

That's why it didn't happen.
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