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Default Re: Who Was The Greater Fighter Salvador Sanchez or Ruben Olivares

Originally Posted by natonic View Post
Valid points, but Lockridge just had an insane gameplan against Laporte. Laporte was loading up on his punches against the charging, reckless Lockridge unlike anything I've seen from a featherweight. Gil Clancy called the fight and pretty much predicted what was going to happen. Despite the fight only lasting two rounds it was pretty obvious the way Lockridge was charging in. Styles make fights.
True, I wouldn't disagree a huge deal, but it's still an amazing win. I wasn't really referring to that fight anyway, just saying where Laporte was in his career respectively at the time of the Pedroza and Sanchez fights and that he wasn't a one dimensional fighter as mcvey suggested. He was a better fighter imo when he fought Pedroza, and like you say, styles make fights. I'd say a boxer-puncher like Laporte would have always been a tiny bit more troublesome for Pedroza than he would Sanchez, whereas maybe I'd back Pedroza to handle someone like Castillo a bit more comfortably than Sanchez did, ala Ford (not that Castillo and Ford were comparable in terms of style).
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