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Default Re: Legendary Venues in British Boxing History - Part 1

Originally Posted by biglads View Post
I usually have a cup of tea as opposed to Dr Pepper. If I'm feeling hungry I'll add a Jumbo Sausage to the order.

I think if Enzo Mac had topped up with a Jumbo Sausage it would have been Enzo TKO7 Haye quite honestly, perhaps it could have been even quicker if he'd have found some hair-gel.

Originally Posted by biglads View Post
Well there's a parking space outside for a Zafira. I'd be worried about the 'Fully Licenced' bit as it may well be too tempting for the big guy to grab a couple of bottles of Peroni instead of Dr Pepper. Result = Sprint to the ring could be a bit dangerous.

Originally Posted by biglads View Post
I'm unsure about the Fish & Omelette combo as there's not enough pastry in there to provide the required stamina for a gruelling bout. Maybe if Enzo was en-route to a 6 round undercard bout it would be OK, but for a big title bout I'd worry that the big guy would fade early.

For the drink, I'd always choose Tizer, but availability is an issue.

Vimto or Barr's Cream Soda could substitute at a push I suppose.

Originally Posted by biglads View Post
Bowl of Cawl and some Laverbread = Mohamed Azzaoui

6 Cans of Tyskie, 1 bottle of White Lightning and 20 Mayfairs = Lee Swaby.

If you see Barr's Ice Cream Soda give it a try Pug. Just looking at the can is enough to give you a sugar rush.
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