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Default Re: Who Was The Greater Fighter Salvador Sanchez or Ruben Olivares

Originally Posted by Flea Man View Post
Ribs; thoughts on Sakurai and how he fit in with the other contenders? I thought he was very good against Rose.

How d'ya think he'd fare against other champs, an all southpaw battle with Carruthers, or how he'd get on with Becerra or Raton? I think he'd be a sol contender in most era's, seeing as how he got on in that mad house.
He looked excellent against Rose, didn't he? Had real pedigree too from the amateur scene. Refined his skill set there and obviously transferred it quite well, though it was perhaps always more likely to be more effective against certain styles than others. I'd say he'd fit very well into any era and do better against the boxer/stylist types than pressure fighters and boxer punchers ala Aoki and Seki, who he had some similarities to imo.

Like you said earlier I think, Olivares just dragged him into a high level s**** where his upright style and lack of power betrayed him. I'd have to think quite hard about fights against Raton, Carruthers and Becerra tbh. Becerra had a bit of Olivares about him in terms of style it seems, so he might have the best chance, especially without Sakurai having the power to hurt him. I'd favour Sakurai over Carruthers on first thought perhaps. Him and Macias.....ooh, I'll get back to you on that.
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