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Default Re: Sam Langford vs Rocky Marciano

Originally Posted by mcvey View Post
My impression is probably influenced by what I've read of the fight since.

Excerpts of the first two rounds and the ko in the 4th . Why on earth the knockdown of Langford is not on the super 8mm film Ie no idea
Langford walks his way around Hague who is a stocky block of a fighter.Hague looks very crude and fleshy,but he absorbs punches quite well before Langford lowers the boom in the 4th round with a right cross that catches Hague flush and ko's him ,and I mean kos him, he is out senseless.
Langford's knockdown happened in the 3rd round but I haven't seen it apparently he walked into Hague's patented right swing and was bowled over.
Hague is said to have gone right hand mad then ,while Langford covered up , concentrating on riding out the storm. Class asserted itself in the 4th and final round, from memory and bearing in mind it is only 4 rds, It looked like Secretariat running against a donkey.

Cheers for that McVey - what was the right hand that Langford finished it with like? - could you compare it with any other ones you've seen in terms of power and effect etc just as a guage?
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