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Default Re: Sam Langford vs Rocky Marciano

Rewatched all the footage I can find of Sam.

It seems the main weapons against him was clinches by the bigger men, Sam seemd to hand himself surprisingly well in these situations being able to match for strength and be the quicker puncher on the inside (Obviously these are two advantages Johnson would still have held at any point in his career). When at mid range Sam had a great ****nal of shots and impeccable timing.

I know he twice quit on his stool as a youngster but during his prime years he never really came close to being stopped. Him vs Rocky would have to be a shootout I think.

Langford probably hit just as hard and quicker with better accuracy but would he have the firepower to finish Rocky off? I'm sure he could hurt Rocky but finishing him is another matter. Same with the roll reversal Rocky I'm sure Rocky could hurt Sam but would he finish him? Or even hit him often enough to warrant a finish?

I've rendered my prior opinion on this fight moot as I need to mull it over some more.

I'm elevating Sam into my elite cruiser category alongside Tunney, Rocky, Dempsey and Holy.

Difficult to pick between these guys.
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