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Default Re: What is Steve Collins Problem?

Originally Posted by PUG View Post
Collins lost every major fight he had in the US (McCallum/Johnson/Kalambay)
he had to move to UK to become a two weight 'world champion'

(NB: I know Kalambay fight was in Italy, but Collins was still US based at the time)

He won his middleweight 'title' beating lightmiddle Pyatt.

He won his supermiddle 'title' beating a weight drained, shop worn Eubank.

He then looked dire against the likes of Brown/Carr/Seillier.

The WBO 'title' he held had no credibility whatsoever in the US.

A fight with Jones wouldn't have drawn breath in the States as it would have (rightly) been regarded as a mismatch.

Jones wouldn't fight outside of US.

That's why it didn't happen.
So...what part of that doesn't agree with what I said? Since I said the fight didn't happen because nobody in America cared about Collins and Jones could ignore him due to lack of public and network interest.
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