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Default Re: Haye vs Prime Morrison?

To be honest, it's a question of who hits who on the chin first.

I think Haye is the more durable of the two, though I think Morrison can certainly one-shot him, the reverse is certainly true also.

As has been mentioned, Morrison performed better against the more ponderous/cumbersome HW's of his era, and his win list isn't particularly impressive.

Blasted inside a round by Bentt, albeit in a fight that he ought to have won inside the first round if he'd actually had an ounce of ring IQ.... and later executed by Lewis in a pretty brutal hiding.

Given that Haye is pretty fleet of foot and has fast hands, I'd wager that David lands first, puts Tommy down.

Much like Bruno, once Morrison was hit, he stayed hit.... David's sloppy finishing wouldn't really be an issue here.

I'd say Haye TKO2, pretty tenatively mind.
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