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Default Re: Dempsey's vaunted run to the Title

Originally Posted by RockysSplitNose View Post
My point with the above post btw was not so much to denigrate Ali's per-title run as undeserving, but more so to illustrate that it didn't in any way influence how great a fighter he was - we all know how great a fighter Ali was and he still that great whether he had of fought another couple of big name fighters on the way up or not - point being Dempsey fought who he fought in those days - to use this as an indication that he wasn't all that is just clutching at straws really - like Ali he was one of the greatest champs we've ever had whether he fought the guys he fought he fought or whether you added a Sam Langford or a white Harry or a black Harry to resume or not

Alis' resume is built on him being tested by all manner of styles after he had established himself and fighting a very high level of opposition. Demspey wasn't one of the greatest champs ever, his level of opposition throughout his whole career is terrible, he got completely schooled against the best fighter he fought twice and ducked the two best fighters outside of that for the better part of a decade. Briggs would be a decent comparison, only i think he is more proven.
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