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Default Re: Orlando ''Siri'' Salido vs Mikey Garcia

Originally Posted by SkillspayBills View Post
This is a damn good fight, tomorrow night on Boxnation.

It's got the battle hardened champion in Salido and the young contender who's not put a foot wrong in Garcia. Pressure fighter vs Counter Puncher and both can punch.

Garcia's been steadily matched, he's built a solid record and developed over the duration of his 30 fight career. He's now 25 years of age and has now filled out and developed into a good athlete. He fights patiently, you can see he's well schooled. He looks to counter punch from most of stuff i've watched this week. I know Slip made a thread a while back on the lad and watching more of him see that he likes to allow openings to come then jump on them.

Stays in a solid base, Looks comfortable in his own skin. Is happy to lead off if openings don't present themself like against Concepcion. He's got the speed of hand and variety to set things up. He's also light on his feet when attacked and out of position he gets himself back out to long range quick enough.

I'd say his offense is his defence, He's a little up right and tends to get clipped with right hands and left hooks. He doesn't pick them off as well as a counter puncher should do but due to his sharp counters normally limits much offense and controls behind his jab which is uses to control and disrupt fighters advances.

Salido isn't just a brawler, i like this guy. He advances well as he shuffles feet through the ranges. He doesn't just run forward he approaches behind a tight guard. He moves the head on way in, Bobs the lead hand up and down to keep you thinking then when he gets close he touches you with a jab and sometimes just lets them bombs go without a jab.

He stays low, can jab or turn to a lead hook. He's got a awkward overhand right and digs well to body. He's also on his toes, and is willing to parry a jab and have a look at how to get in. Once he gets into war mode and has success he's a very hard man to stop. He throws punches from any angle and digs. He can be over zealous as we saw against Haya but we also saw he's willing to get off the floor to win and taken on some big punchers and saw the final bell or duked it out and won.

As for the fight:
Garcia is facing his first acid test IMO, He's looked good so far. Mature in his displays but one wonders how he deals with Salido's onslaughts.

-Establish the Jab: Cannot let Salido just walk forward, He has to try keep this fight at long range. Salido's not as effective there, also with the jab established you can start to cause damage and leave Salido all at sea.

-Hold centre ring: Felt Juanma in second fight came out gunshy, testament to Salido's power but i think backing up near ropes and letting Salido get him into position a awful idea. Garicia circles well, pivots and keeps in stance. I think he's going to have to keep this in centre ring. Stay in punching position, Will take a brave, confident display but it can be done.

-Balance leading off and countering: Mikey needs to know when to shoot counters and when not to trade with Salido. He's going to have to fend off the advances. Force Salido into throwing the bombs from long range and see them early and make him pay but also balance when to counter and lead. He's going to have to fight a 12 round fight, but try not to fire fight with Salido and look for stunning counters all the time. Salido grows off small successes.

For Orlando Salido:

-Tempo: Garcia isn't a guy who likes to fight at to much of a pace, he's very settled and likes to see his fighter and pick them apart. Salido has to take him out of element. Unsettle him and keep the fight at a tempo where he doesn't let Mikey think and pick shots.

-Limit openings: Garcia isn't exactly a dancer, Salido doesn't need to show him his cards to early. Just needs to keep that pressure on, doesn't always have to punch. Just get close, let him feel the strength and keep him backing up. Try position him closer to ropes if possible.

-The right hand!: Key punch, Whether he straightens it or loops it. Garcia is a tad upright. Not stiff but upright and at times rolls onto that punch. I think Orlando has to let the right hand go when in short range. Vary it and let it land. Garcia's not been asked those type of questions and he's open to it.

I have a feeling it's going to be exciting, a fancy a stoppage. I think if Garcia can settle down he could well stop Salido late but i got a nagging feeling Orlando's going to win inside 9 rounds. I just think his relentless pressure and variety will unsettle Garcia and just got a feeling he may be a little to rough round the edges for Mikey.

It's a tough fight to call, But just sense the awkwardness being a little to much.

How you see it going down?.
I was saying to Bogo on the Gen the other day that I love how Siri almost fights from a crouch but isn't flat footed.I think he could use the jab a bit more as he can be effective with it,but what I like most about him that he follows up brilliantly.If that first punch doesn't connect,you're almost guaranteed there'll be another one or two coming right behind it.
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