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Thumbs down Chad Dawson is making a big mistake...again!

Chad Dawson has dropped John Scully to go back to Eddie Mustafa Muhammed.

Now I'm going to be honest from the off here.I was a big fan of Scully before I became a fan of Chad,but going back with Ice was a big reason I became a fan.
Even when I didn't like Dawson,his ability was never in question for me,only his attitude and moral fibre.
Apparently he didn't even tell John to his face,just like he did with Manny.Now if he can learn nothing from John,why did he go back? It certainly wasn't John's fault that he lost to Ward,and Ice's work in the corner that night was utterly refreshing.How often do you hear a trainer telling his guy as early as the ninth that he needs to forget about points and go for the KO?

He's had a few cheap shots at Ice too,but that shouldn't really surprise anyone and he hasn't even spoke to him since the Ward fight.
Chad has had too many good trainers now for it to be their fault that it doesn't work out,and I was vehemently defending him on this very forum last week.
Now this is only my opinion,and I've made it clear I'm a fan of Ice,but my recent conversion to being a fan of Chad might just go the other way again(not that Chad will be too bothered,I'm sure)

What do you guys think?
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