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Default Re: Haye vs Prime Morrison?

Originally Posted by Ireland View Post
1. You have to look at it from a resume point of view-

2. What would happen if Morrison had Hayes fights and Haye had Morrison fights-

3. Then a head to head based on style-

1. Resume wise-

Haye has Mormeck, Valuev, Ruiz, Chisora

Losses to C. Thomspon, W. Klitschko

Morrison has P. Thomas, J. Tillis, C. Williams, George Foreman, D. Ruddock.

Draw against Puritty, Lost to Mercer, Bentt, L. Lewis

Resume wise its pretty even, Haye possibly edges it due to being a two weight champ (despite WBA being a paper belt at the time) Morrison has a bad loss to Bent, and a draw with Puritty. Overall Tommy mixed it with higher competition.

2. If Haye went through Morrison run of fights youd have to expect him to come unstuck after knocking out all the low level journeyman when he comes up against a Tillis or P. Thomas....i predict the Thomas fight. As we all know Haye was very gung ho, its only after his first loss he became slightly more wary.

Then another series of low journeyman then faces R. Mercer for the WBO, I believe Mercer wins this but late on, possibly stopping a pot shotting Haye in the 9th or 10th round.

Then Haye will go on another series of fight that Tommy had, and i belive would smash C. Williams early, out box G. Foreman on points beat Bentt, another series of fights then lose to both Lewis and Rud****.

Ending with a 48-4 record where in reality Morisson ended with a 48-3-1 record-

If Tommy went through Haye competiton I believe he run through everyone, including C. Thompson, Mormeck etc and possibly coming unstuck against a Barret type....a gung ho Morrison getting caught early. Then goes onto beat Valuev, Ruiz, Harrison getting outboxed against Wlad but giving Wlad a better fight, then beating Chisora-

Again Morrison ending with the same record as Haye 26-2

So of who they faced, again its pretty tight, Morrison I feel beats the better comp overall either way but you have to factor he would lose to a low level guy like he did with Bentt due him being to aggresive.

Head to head, both at there best, I believe Morrison catches Haye late on or if they fought 10 times Morrison wins it 6 to 4-
Morrison would only be beaten by Wladimir Kiltschko.

Haye vs Morrison would be one of the most exciting fights of the 90's, i think it would last 5 rounds tops! Both guys being hurt.
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