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Default Re: Chad Dawson is making a big mistake...again!

Originally Posted by PityTheFool View Post
I wanted to believe that it wasn't true but you're spot on Emeritus.
I thought going back to Ice was a sign that he had sorted his head out,but he really is lacking in moral fortitude.
I'd like to hear what big Floyd has to say now.
He has had 10 trainers in 10 years. Something is definitely wrong with him.

He will NEVER reach his potential, a champion has to be able to buckle down when the going gets tough, he doesn't have it, he caves EVERY time.

I don't enjoy criticising fighters, I normally have alot of respect but Chad is just well a disapointment I remember when he was being hyped as the next big thing and I saw him and thought dude has it all!

Mayweather will just chew him out and talk about how Dirrell was beating the s.hit out of him and he was advising him to move his head and instead of taking his advice he kept on complaining about being told what to do and nearly got knocked out!
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