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Default Re: the what fights did you watch today\scorecard thread.

Jung Koo Chang Vs Isidro Perez

CHANG: 3; 4;5; 9; 10; 11;
PEREZ: 1 (+1); 2; 6; 7; 8; 12


Perez, sadly found dead in the last week, is thought by some to have been on the wrong end of the decision here. He puts in a performance here that resembles a drunk Ricardo Lopez with ADHD. He drops Chang with a looping left hook in the first that has the longtime champ' stunned for most of the round. The fight is on in the second when Chang stops surviving and tries to spring into life but he's still taking the damaging shots whilst offering little more than flailing and clinching himself.

3rd mainly Chang being Chang but he still gets caught with a couple of looping overhand rights behind the ear that seem to trouble him. Perez looks clueless whenever he gets caught in the blender. 4th is similar, but with Chang in control for more of it but also with more excitement as they punch it out more, with Chang getting the better of most of the exchanges and shutting Perez's offence down more, keeping his back to the ropes and diversifying his own attack. Chang lines Perez up and punches straight through the target with the right hand, but it wakes the challenger up and he sting and stuns Chang with a two fisted barrage coming off the ropes! Chang regains control and whilst he does the better work for most of the round Perez tries hard to keep up with him. Close rounds these.6th is again fiercely competitive, and Perez should've had a 10-8 for a knockdown that was ruled as a slip (maybe trod on Chang's foot?) but he hurt The Korean Hawk just after though, as in the earlier rounds Chang worked his way back into it.

There was a point in the 8th where Perez was teeing up on Chang, who was pretty much static. No surprise that after the Ohashi rematch (which followed this bout) he decided to pack it in. And the 9th is messy. 10 was like a high-paced version of the s****py round before it. Some good action with both men getting their heads spun sideways by slashing right hands from in close. Both men take turns to unload in the 11th. Perez guts it out in the 12th, stunning Chang late in the roung and generally landing the better punches to snatch a close decision.

Will upload this later today so y'all that ain't seen it can share your thoughts and score what is a fast-paced, if s****py for some parts, 12 round battle.
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