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Default Re: Wladimir Klitschko vs. Rocky Marciano

Originally Posted by edward morbius View Post
"a bona fide lightheavy in Charles"

So what. This is just the old size thing through the back door. Charles was the heavyweight champion, was taller and had a longer reach than Marciano, and outweighed him in their second bout. Size is not my criteria when going back in history. Charles was as big as many champions, including Cribb, Dempsey, Tunney, etc.
Are we talking head to head here? Because size (coupled with skill) is very important if we are. I'll concede your point if we are talking legacy. He fought the best around. I just think the best around at that point were better in name than substance, which brings us to...

Originally Posted by edward morbius View Post
"Walcott--a long, damaging career" "a shot Louis"

Interesting double standard. The 37 yr old Louis and 38 yr old Walcott (and I presume the 38 yr old Moore) supposedly prove Marciano fought in a weak era.

Currently the champions are the soon to be 37 yr old Wlad and the nearly 42 yr old Vitali, and they are not even facing severe challenges from younger men. And, the contenders themselves tend to be old more often than not. Plus when younger Vitali failed in a challenge against the 38 yr old Lewis.
We are talking road miles versus highway miles here. Walcott was at the end of a 70 fight career fought under trying circumstances and in which he had been KO'd 6 times by its end. He was barely .500 over his 12 fights previous to Marciano. Charles was 95 fights into a career whose ledger was adorned with Hall of Famers and elite talent. He was on the precipice of a very steep decline after a remarkable run. Louis had no business being in the ring by the time Marciano got to him. He had no right hand and no legs. Marciano faced each of these fresh from hitting practice home runs on the New England circuit against ham and eggers.

As far as Waldo, he is still relatively fresh but near the end. Outside of two of the KO's he has suffered, he stays fairly intact. Still, the end is nearer than most suspect. Vitali should have retired a while ago. He looks like ****.

Originally Posted by edward morbius View Post

Holyfield was the top heavy in the late 1990's and one of the top heavies of the early 2000's. Wlad did not fight him. The excuse can't be that he was too green. He had a pro as long as Marciano when he faced Louis, and had a much better amateur background.
I don't recall anyone, outside of an increasingly unintelligible Holyfield, calling for a Wlad-Holy fight. If I recall correctly, Lewis chose Vitali over Wlad for an opponent. And the Vitali thing, like I stated earlier, I am a bit on the fence about. I understand them not fighting but it is very convenient, also.
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