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Default Re: Classic posters was Freddie mills a killer

He was basically found in the back seat of his car sitting bolt upright with his hands flat on his knees and perched neatly against the seat just to his side (if you can imagine lent against the seat) was a rifle - the car door was locked and when concerned people finally got the door open and rocked him his eyelids flicked open and it was then that it was discovered he had been shot directly through one of his eye *****!! No damage to the eyelid just shot perfectly in the eye and then he falls back into a perfect seated position hands on knees looking for all the world like he's sitting there meditating? And the rifle falls and perches perfectly up against the seat as though he's carefully lent it against the seat?? Discounting the fact that he would've needed incredibly long arms to point the rifle barrel end to face while reaching to trigger at the back end arms outreached and then the poise to pull the trigger without blinking or at least closing the eye slightly at the moment of squeezing the trigger?? And how many suicides have you heard where someone shoots themselves directly in the eyeball staring down the barrel (with the most awkward gun in the world physically to carry out the procedure??)?
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