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Default Re: What does the future hold for Adrien Broner?

Originally Posted by Lazarus View Post
Isn't this guy also the user of 'Dai' and 'PUG' and all them other annoying idiotic accounts?

Here's to hoping IB can check.
Run the check. I condone it. Said it months ago, I was the first one to say it.....I'm waiting.

I'm not Dai, Hickey, PUG or anyone else. Take it, or leave it. You WILL be proved wrong Lazarus.

Once again, another thread descends into chaos. It was a valid thread, posing valid questions and "established" posters have ruined it.

I can see my ability to start threads being revoked, and I aint done **** all wrong! Its the on here starting it and ruining this forum. Your driving people away and your causing more alt accounts in the process.

What a farce this forum has turned into, there are about 5 people on here who are genuine, respectful and intelligent. Who stay on topic and talk boxing, the rest are just a bunch of
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