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Default Re: ****DECADES SURVEYS 1 - Please Participate! Best 10 Fights 2000-2009****

Originally Posted by PhillyPhan69 View Post
I see that many/most people are bigger on the Gatti-Ward fight(s) than I far in 15 of the lists it has been included...I guess it lies in the eye of the beholder, but I don't believe it would make my top 20-30??? Oh well, to each their own....Since I seem to enjoy the Hatton-Tszyu fight, more than most, maybe I should just be quiet and leave well enough alone!

Somsak Sithchatchawal TKO10 Mahyar Monshipour...I must plead ignorance and claim that I have never seen it...a situation I will rectify over the weekend...I have heard people talking about it for a few years, but it has somehow slipped beneath my radar.
I rewatched Somsak Sithchatchawal TKO10 Mahyar Monshipour because it was fight of the year and it's been getting so many votes here. It failed to impress me again. It has volume action but not quality action, and it just isn't anywhere near an even fight. I was never in doubt about the ending since Sithchatchawal was so much better than Monshipour. Monshipour kept up a constant barrage, and he gets credit for heart and persistence, but only one in five (possibly less) of his punches were landing clean. Sithchatchawal was just like block, duck, slip, roll, counter the whole fight and everything he threw connected.

The first Gatti/Ward fight may have actually been the first fight I ever watched. I remember thinking the two of them would both die in the ring that night. Constant back and forth action and the ninth round was a doozy. It made me a fan for life. I was on my feet just roaring at the tv from maybe the fifth round on. Good chins and poor defense is one recipe for a great fight. It also helps to have a visual aid to measure the damage being done, and Gatti's head would cut or swell up like a beach ball if you even looked at him wrong. People love those bloody mask fights.

When I look back at the Gatti/Ward fight I can see why some people rate other more technical fights higher, and that is definitely an important factor. But it's not just about the technical level, or even the volume and pacing of a fight. There are also certain intangibles to consider like, are the fighters giving everything they have and going all out? Are they throwing with bad intentions? And then both fighters should also have a sort of leading man quality, like an actor, that makes them fun to watch. I've seen guys that were first class technically but didn't have that certain telegenic quality, or who's fights never had half the heat in them of a Gatti or Ward fight.

Originally Posted by the cobra View Post
Looking at the lists, I still don't really get all the Vasquez-Marquez I calls. Nice fight, of course, but II and particularly III were far better by my recollection. KD aside, I remember it as being somewhat of a Rafa showcase. Pretty anti-climatic ending, too. I'll be happy to revisit the series pretty soon though, so I'll see if I'm missing something.
I second that opinion. The unsatisfying ending kept it from being as good as 2 or 3.

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