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Default Re: Thomas Hearns vs John Mugabi

Originally Posted by Bill1234 View Post
I wouldn't say Hagler was having an off night or looking soft, he looked just as "bad" in the Leonard fight. He was begining the stage of life where he physically was going down hill quicker and quicker and his handspeed was going to be worse and worse with each fight and he'd never be as sharp as he was in the early 1980s.
The shots Mugabi and Hagler traded were savage. I personally feel that part of Hagler was left in that ring as he had to endure his toughest fight in order to deal with this Beast!
Mugabi was a beast. He wasn't the same after.
How do you guys even rate Mugabi in terms of skills? To me it seams like he was just a killer in the ring. Not very skilled, but he could hit. And please don't say he was weak chinned, Hagler had to dig deep and keep at it to put him away.

As for Mugabi vs Hearns. Hearns hits hard, but he has to be relentless in order to stop pre-Hagler Mugabi from coming at him. I'd favour Hearns (heavily biased as one of my faves) but I wouldn't count out the lucky punch.
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