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Default Re: What does the future hold for Adrien Broner?

I can see a grand total of 5 posts on this page, mine, Nipples, Skillspaybills and Billy Nelsons.

What a shambles this forum has been a loud to turn into. Poor moderating, poor running overall. Just terrible. As I said earlier, there is only a handful of people I can even talk with on this forum. A handful out of hundreds. Really really sad.

As for dftaylor (I see your back again?) and icemax (both on ignore) I cant see what you have said, but I suspect its the usual cliquey BS, "Ill wash your back, if you wash mine" Shouldnt you two be in a RBR with the rest of your little circle, playing role play?

Thanks for ruining another thread guys. I hope IB or someone of that ilk, stumbles across it and deletes the thread, but before he listens to the obvious alternate accounts calling for my revoking and what not (bound to have been mentioned already I bet!?!) I would encourage them to just take 5 minutes before making any hasty decision, read this thread and then run a thorough check on my account. And then check my IP directly to see if I have other accounts, then they can conclusively tell all the TRUTH. The longer it goes on, the longer this **** goes on. Im willing to take the test. Because I KNOW I am right.

I will not be signing in to comment again, until a mod reads and is alerted to this post, and confirms to everyone my status by running a check with the tools at their disposal.

Im out until then. Skills, Billy, Brenny, Pity and whoever else I get along with on here, god bless you, I love you.

Ill be back.
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