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Default Re: Mikey Garcia vs. Orlando Salido & Gennady Golovkin vs. Gabriel Rosado & undercard

Round 8

Mikey keeping distance and Salido walking him down. Salido inside and Mikey ties up. Mikey popping that jab.Hard right buckles Salido's legs. Salido doesn't have much on his punches now. Mikey simply tying up Salido. Jab right hand from Garcia again. Another right hand from Garcia and he ties up Salido.Salido thorwing but notiing landing . Mikey turns him and lands stiff right. Hard right to the body, right uppercut from Mikey again. Mikey simply moving and outclassing Salido now. Salido headbutts Mikey. Salido charging ineats a jab and then a right hand that is round..

10 - 9 Garcia
79 - 69 Garcia

Salid just broke Mikey's nose with a headbutt
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