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Default HW's on atg P4P lists

I personally find HW's the most difficult to place on an ATG type of listing especially those who begin and finnish their careers in that lone divison. While other ATG's might get added credit for additionl accomplishments in multiple weight classes no such luxery exists for the true HW. This seems consistant w/ what I see on either peoples lists as well....So this thread is largely to discuss and debate how HW's should be placed and how they stack up compared w/ greats of other divisions as well as other fellow great HW's...Do you rate a HW solely as a HW or does a lighter HW gain additional spots over a larger/heavier HW???

Here are the results from the ESB classic consensus done in the summer 09:

1. 1675 Muhammad Ali (52)
2. 1375 Joe Louis (23)
3. 638 Rocky Marciano (1)
4. 580 Larry Holmes
5. 488 Lennox Lewis (1)
6. 462 Jack Johnson (1)
7. 318 George Foreman
8. 318 Jack Dempsey (2)
9. 233 Mike Tyson
10. 221 Joe Frazier
11. 217 Sonny Liston
12. 106 Evander Holyfield
13. 79 Jim Jeffries
14. 23 Gene Tunney
15. 21 Sam Langford
16. 15 Jersey Joe Walcott
17. 14 John L. Sullivan
18. 8 Ezzard Charles
19. 4 Harry Wills
20. 2 Wladimi Klitschko
20. 2 Rid**** Bowe
22. 1 Floyd Patterson

In this scenerio Marciano comes in 3rd behind Louis/Ali does his lesser weight increase his ranking in comparrison to Ali/Louis or does he remain 3rd??? or does Louis's weight compared to Ali allow him to pass Ali on a p4p list?

does Jack Johnson or Dempsey now surpass Lennox on a P4P type of list even if they are rated below him on a HW list or does the status quo order remain?

Just interested in hearing what others think and how they make thier decisons and based upon what????

I understand that guys like Holyfield/Charles/Langford etc can surpass some based upon multiple weight classes and the sort, but what about the true/lone HW's????
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