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Default Re: Dempsey's vaunted run to the Title

Originally Posted by Boilermaker View Post
His point stands though, doesnt it?

Undoubtedly Dempsey is one of the all time greats, but that pre title run maybe has the question marks over it, with the timing of the losses. Fulton is obviously great Win. And willard is a vastly underated win today. But outside of that, how good were the other wins? Obviously if he beat the name fighters he beat, in their prime then it was a sensational run. But the question is did he? I have not yet seen anyone dispel the raw boxrec data he has supplied with any of the fighters. Burts remarks ring true and there is no doubt he was a great,. Maybe the greatest. But how great was his actual run?

I flip on Dempsey, more than any other ATG, so i am interested see some serious counter arguments defending Seamus posts, but i have yet to see anyone really take up what i think is a pretty fairminded challenge despite an obvious agenda.

To flesh out some of these wins a bit more.

Bennan was regarded very highly when Dempsey beat him the first time, perhaps more highly than he should have been in hindsight. This is undoubtedly the pinnacle of his reputation as a heavyweight challenger.

Morris and Levinsky were both names that featured prominently in the discussion about who Willard should defend his title against. If you look at such discussions then Fulton is the name that crops up most regularly, with Morris, Dillon and Levinsky being the other names mentioned. These fighters had clearly been key players over a number of years, and these fights would have been at or close to their hiatus.

Billy Miske would have been at his heavyweight peak the second time he fought Jack Dempsey, in as much as he ever had one.

So in summary, these were the kind of opponents you needed to beat to establish yourself as the top challenger for the title, and that is why Dempsey fought them. He basically beat everybody worth beating during his pre title run, except Wills, Greb and Norfolk.

Now you can criticise him for not meeting everybody around as champion, but can you really criticise him for not meeting every available contender en route to the title. In fact did anybody?
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