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Default What's next for GGG?

Sorry for my ****ed up engrish, but i have something to tell:

1. So, obviously the myth about golovkin hitting like cruiserweight or hw is gone. 154 pound Rosado took his jabs, left hooks and big right hands(round 3 at 1:12, at :23). He took BIG power shot in the round 6(2:50), wobbled but got his legs back after 3 seconds.

2. I am not sure if GGG can survive with his poor defence against super middleweight fighters like froch.

3. He misses a lot, guys like ward would make him tired and then KO him in the late rounds...

4. Gennadiy had problems with rosado, who is much slower and weaker than ***io martinez.

and what are you thoughts on this topic?
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