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Default Re: Just how bad was Haglar robbed if at all against SRL?

Originally Posted by Waynegrade View Post
Bull****... If you want the belt, you earn it. I don`t agree with your old-timer talk. You have to take the title and I am sure most people agrre with this sentiment. Clay, TOOK it from Liston, Louis/Braddock,Duran Buchanan. What you don`t realize that thsese types of calls and the truly horrid decisions that we are forced to endure, hurt the sport. Close rds, should then go to the fighter who is trying to make the fight !And damn it, you SHOULD work harder to take the belt. Who wants to see titles change hands with a guy just trying to squeak buy... Maybe thats the type of fights you enjoy...
but how do you score a round or a fight if the challenger wins it close but doesn't "take the fight"? what if the person who won the close round wasn't trying to make the fight/brawl? they just won it by outboxing the other guy. do you score that for the champ? do you score ALL close rounds for the champ or redo your scorecard at the end if the challenger won?

it's so vague a definition as not to be applicable and is frankly, unfair to an extreme. by your definition you'll score a fight completely differently if there's a belt on the line than if there isn't a champion to favour. that sounds dangerous to me...
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