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Default Re: Dempsey's vaunted run to the Title

Tbh it's a pretty good run to the title and not really worse than many of his peers. It was top class match making that led to the huge hype surrounding him. He justified that hype by destroying Flynn in the rematch and destroying highly ranked contenders like Brennan, levinsky and Fulton and then going on to destroy the champion who had a reputation for being durable if nothing else.

This pre title run isn't anything to be criticised really, it was a mixture of great matchmaking against faded name opponents and Dempsey maintaining his destructive shows of dominance when he stepped up in class.

The thing to be held against Dempsey is his failure to fight wills and Greb, instead retiring to Hollywood. Personally it might have been a good choice as he was able to make risk free money and get laid with many a beauty, but boxing wise it leaves him open to criticism.

Especially because these are two guys who aren't filmed so we can't even ****yse how a fight might have gone between these two. Langford seemed confident Jack would win but without seeing Wills or Greb myself I can't share that confidence.

Back to the thread though, his pre title run isn't what I'd call particularly great but it is devastating and justified his status as top contender.
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