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Default Dempsey v Langford

I'm not so much interested in a realistic matchup when it could have happened (tell a lie I am mega interested in how that would have gone down but it isn't the purpose of this thread)

In a prime for prime matchup how do you see this going?

Both are in my elite cruiser category h2h and I think I'm leaning towards Langford. Dempsey attacked with ferocity based around speed and power but he was a bit reckless. Tunney reckoned his head movement was great but I don't see that on film myself.

Firpo was a very high ranking contender and a legitimate threat and he was able to time and counter Jack as he rushed in. Flynn himself was able to knock Jack out cold. I can't see a possibility that Langford would fail to time him. And if Langford times and catches Jack surely he puts him out for the count?

I'm re evaluating these two in a favourable light atm as I think I under rated both. This matchup intrigues me, bull v matador.

How do you see it?
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