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Default Re: Sugar Ray Leonard; worthy of being a top 20 ATG

Originally Posted by prime View Post
He's in, by a whisker.

In opportunist fashion, but, still, fair and square, the four legs on this stool are the scalps of: Thomas Hearns, Marvin Hagler, Wilfredo Benitez, Roberto Duran.

Throw in huge Lalonde for good measure.

As a fighter, Leonard had huge focus, speed, skill, chin, heart to hang with anyone.

You can't knock a man for looking for angles if, in the ring, where nobody can help you, he always delivered.

He was exciting and, in the end, acquitted the hype.
He didnt deliver when it came to Norris. When confronted by another fighter with exceptional speed, the pace set by Norris exceeded what Leonard was accustomed to, he lost his form and reached the level of incompetence when compared with a thoroughbred like Norris. We just saw his true colors which were not evident until he faced Norris

Lalonde for good measure? Lalonde was NOTHING! you're reaching for another name and their aint none

and his chin was just slightly above average. Decked by Howard, staggered by arm puncher Geraldo, and decked too many times for having that short a career

Only his speed and defense could be considered outstanding
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