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Default Re: Chad Dawson is making a big mistake...again!

Originally Posted by SJS19 View Post
From months ago...

You're Chad Dawson, how would you fight Andre Ward?

Here is my own plan.

Sit him down before signing for the fight and tell him if he really wants to win he can, but he must have the dedication and the fire to go out there and tell everyone he's one of the best fighters in Boxing. Be straight, if he's going to be half ****d and not go for it then he may as well fu*! off now and become an ESPN fighter. Assuming he gets the message then we're good to go.

Press Conference(s) : Against Abraham Ward was sick of being told he had no power etc, he came out aggressive and got caught flush a fair few times coming forward. I'd be up on the podium, telling the word that Andre Ward can't punch, can't break an egg and if he didn't have such a big noggin then he'd of lost multiple times. Rile him up, make him want to prove a point. He's a calculating fighter, emotion can over come thought and that's Dawsons first potential advantage. (Also, I'd make a point of dismissing Virgil Hunter, he likes to talk to Ward's opponents, not this time.)

CAMP : Dawson would hate me. Runs with Combat boots, high altitude up mountains etc. He needs a solid stamina base here. We won't be fighting at a snails pace. All sorts of excercises though none that leave him too heavily muscled up top, I want his arms free and fluid, able to string together 4-5 punches quickly, and to allow lateral movement. (Anyone who thought Lacey would beat Calzaghe is a muppet, that much muscle restricts movement.)

The Jab : Key to everything here. Andre Ward dictates the rythm of his fights, same as Hopkins and same as Mayweather. Dawsons first oppertunity to stamp his authority on the fight is to jab. Not once either, that's not a problem for a defensively sound thinking fighter. Double it and tripple it, stepping to his right as he does so. Ward will get low and attempt to move closer. Low with a high guard. Crack a hard right hook to the body and take three quick steps in a circling motion, left hand high and ready to cross over to deflect a lead left hook from Ward. If Dawson is forced to block a lead left hook then abandon the step plan for that moment and pivot to the right on his back foot to avoid any follow up right hand coming his way, this manouver also opens up a straight left hand for Dawson to use.

I'd have him doing 4 minute rounds, circling and jabbing the bag. Every so often I'd want variation, hook off the jab. 1 jab 2 jab uppercut, etc. You can't do one thing over and over with a fighter who adapts, you'll end up missing and getting beaten up.

Very Rarely, I'd want Dawson to throw a straight left, just to mix it up. Ward would block that with a high guard, so Dawson should step to his LEFT (Opposite to what's conventional for the southpaw) dip and throw a right hook to the body, when done, push Ward away, restore distance. Referee may warn for this, so rarely.

Ward had difficulty with Froch when Carl through two to three straight punches upstairs and then changed rythm and threw an uppercut. Same thing here. Dawson hands held high and elbows tucked in, throw a right, a left, double jab and then use that right hand to uppercut between the guard of Dawson.

Can't ignore body work, Ward can be slowed down and Froch did it with preassure. Carl also did it in straight lines and with his chin hanging out. We wouldn't be doing that. Jab to the body, keep range and everytime Ward does get close throw two body shots and push him off the sholder, ALWAYS punching right away to distract the referee from any potential point deductions etc. The previously mentioned uppercuts during a combination should sometimes be targeted at Wards chest. (People neglect chest punching, but it hurts, and stops you drawing breath.)

Andre Ward likes to dictate, you have to break that dominance and that's where the fight starts. If he does settle into a rythm and shut Dawson out offensively, then I'd have no problem with Dawson landing a low blow. Breakhis domination, his focus and his belief he can dominate, then we'll see what he's got.

Of course Dawson would probably have a mental meltdown and forget all of that ^^^ at which point I'd crack him over the head with the stool

Again, the above is just my opinion, let me know if I missed anything.
Your tactics sound okay but your conditioning methods are well and truly over the line into re**** territory.
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