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Default Re: Wladimir Klitschko vs. Rocky Marciano

Originally Posted by edward morbius View Post
I disagree with you about Valdes.

He had four fights with Moore, Johnson, and Satterfield, all smaller than Marciano, and went 0-4.

I just don't think Valdes was all that good and so a victory by Marciano over him would hardly prove anything in comparision to Wlad or Vitali.

Valdes was big, but not bigger really than Louis and not as good of a fighter, even the Louis of 1951.


As for Wlad's historical rating, I currently have him 9th, and he could move up a few notches if he continues, as you say, to win. I also think he might well be able to hold the title into his forties.

But I don't know if these sort of contenders he is fighting recently will really look all that good historically. Thompson? Two shots at the title?

I don't know how history will judge, and history is always contentious, but I think myself he will have a tough time pushing into the top five regardless of his eventual longevity because of not beating the other top guys out there, Lewis and Vitali, and the bad defeats when young.

But we shall see--not me, but the younger folks who will live enough to see an historical judgement.
Quite often I post from memory and not boxrec which means I make errors. I thought Valdes was big enough to consider a shw, if I'm wrong then fair enough. But my main point is Rocky has very little evidence of his effectiveness against the truly big men. Valdes was bigger and gives a bit more indication I feel.

I doubt Wlad will ever come near Louis, Ali nor Lewis. But Rocky, Johnson, Tyson, Foreman, Frazier, Holmes, these guys he can overtake in my opinion. I don't hold the Vitali situation against him and whilst he never fought Lewis when younger it was because he couldn't generate the money of Tyson, didn't become a mandatory with the WBC and perhaps most importantly got iced by Sanders. He'd have been iced by Lewis as well. However from 05 onwards he's begun to really clean house. Victories over Povetkin and Arreola would underline that status. As long as he continues to defend against the best available opposition his legacy will grow.
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