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Default Re: the what fights did you watch today\scorecard thread.

Originally Posted by Nightcrawler View Post
totally agree. wonderful fight regardless and incredible win by sanchez once he started zoning in
I've been reviewing Sanchez fights just because that's what i do every couple of years. He reminds me of the football (soccer) player Andrea Pirlo. I'll just watch and say to myself "this guy's a ****ing genius".
I've also been reviewing some prime Gomez fights (thanks to Flea).
I think Sanchez would always beat Gomez at 126. But I've been wondering if Sanchez was a better Featherweight than Gomez was a Super Bantamweight. I'm not talking resume, just pure abillity.
I've noticed something watching them side by side. Gomez is spectacular with the angles he creates with footwork and sliding to put himself in punching range while getting his opponent out of punching range. He also incorporates incredible head movement when doing this. It's ****ing spectacular to watch. And he was a nasty ****er so I wondered if he was just punking guys because he could. But I see it in all of his prime fights and it appears to be his style.
Well, long story short, I think that Sanchez is more efficient with his movements. Gomez can make a guy look silly and make him miss by several inches. Sanchez will make a guy miss by just an inch or just enough so that a landed blow is not nearly flush. At the very highest levels (like against each other), Sanchez's stuff works better.
Gomez at times reminds me a bit of Duran. But like Sanchez, I think Duran is less flashy but more efficient than Gomez. Gomez also reminds me a bit of O.Canizales. And I've often wondered the same thing. Would Canizales stuff work against the very top flight competition? We never got to find that out.
Gomez also gets a little lazy with the jab. He paws it out there often as a range finder for the right hand. I wonder if a tall puncher like an Eirk Morales could make him pay for that? Anyway, I still think he's the best 122 lber I've ever seen.
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