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Default Re: Fight Day !!! Salido (12) vs Garcia (23) - ESB, Whats your prediction for the fig

Originally Posted by BeastsideBoxing View Post
Kirk... How do interpret this... I think I might if world won't end it's possible...

Originally Posted by DemolitionDan View Post
Funny enough, when Salido was dropped twice in the first it did cross my mind that it looked liked you were gonna be right, but probably ****ed off at the same time.

The ending was unsatisfying, but just based on how Garcia looked in those first 6 rounds he looked fabulous. But, at the same time, who knows? It did look like Salido was coming on and getting closer. Funny enough, we still don't know just how well Garcia can take a few shots. May'be he does get a bit shook up in the last 4 rounds. It definitely isn't out of the question, but Garcia just looked razor sharp that it was a really impressive performance up to that point.

That is true, may'be Salido has lost a little bit of his game. I mean, he has been in boxing for 17 years or so, but it was hard to tell because may'be those first two knockdowns early on just shook him up that his legs and body just never really recovered. I don't know, tough to say, but I definitely see where you're coming from.
Yes garcia is sleek in there, for sure. And outside the last two rounds one couldnt ask for much more from his performance.

I just dont think the true story of that fight got to be told. just imo though. Personally I want a rematch.

But Garcia has to be one of the sharpest, most sleek young prospects theres been in awhile. Just a cool customer in the ring.

Originally Posted by BeastsideBoxing View Post

Picking the correct winner = 1 point
Picking the correct UD/TKO = 1 point
Picking correct a SD/MD/RTD(retired) = 2 points
Picking correct Draw = 4 points
Featured fights X2 the points

IF you notice any miscalculation pls let me know.
Right on Beast, good job.

I wonder if keeping track of this is too much work now that theres a bit more people starting to put in picks? If it is man I understand, you dont have to keep up keeping track. I dont want you to get burned out on it I just dont want you to get or feel overwhelmed by trying to do the WBK rankings n points.
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