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Default Re: Dempsey v Langford

"The hell I feared no man. There was one man, he was even smaller than I, I wouldn't fight him because I knew he would flatten me. I was afraid of Sam Langford." Jack Dempsey, same book as referenced above.

Dempsey, comparing opportunies to fight both Sam and "Gunboat" Smith at that stage of his career, said that although he knew Smith would defeat him at the time, he felt he'd eventually be able to take him. Sam, on the other hand he could never envision defeating.

In May of 1925, Sam's manager, Joe Woodman, told New York newspaperman Joe Williams that the Langford he managed at his best would have beaten any man in the ring that year.

"You mean his size?" Williams asked.

"I'm including Dempsey, if that's what you are leading to," replied Woodman. "Langford was at his best against the rushing type of fighter. His great power and his ability to drop a man with a short blow made him very dangerous. Dempsey just happens to be the type that would be easiest for Langford."

"Gunboat" Smith, who fought both men during his career said in the 1942 Fight Stories article:

"Langford versus Dempsey, both in their prime would have been bad news for Dempsey. He could be hit easily with a right hand and if anybody ever had a right hand it was the "Tar Baby.' I'll go further and declare that Langford would ahve waded through every heavy champ we've had including the current soldier boy, Joe Louis. Louis is a great champ, I grant, but he's inclined to get hot and bothered when the going gets rough. Langford was as cool as an iceberg every minute he was in there. He never lost his head."
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