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Default Re: Dempsey v Langford

Originally Posted by Cmoyle View Post
"My new manager (John the Barber) was all business the first day he took over. "Jack," he said "we're going to make some real money. I've already got you a fight up in Boston."

Naturally, I was curious. And pleased. "Yeah? Who do I fight?"

John the Barber grinned. "Sam Langford," he said.

I just looked at the guy. "He'd kill me," I said.

He gave me a long song and dance about how good I was and what a win over Langford would mean. It made me sick to think he was talking about his own man, who had put thousands in his pockets.

"I've seen Langford," I said. "You're wasting your time. I won't fight him. He's too damned good for me."

Jack Dempsey from 'Dempsey, by the Man Himself' Simon and Schuster 1960.
What is the time-frame for this conversation? I'm assuming this wasn't when Dempsey was champion, so how far into his career would this have been?
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