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Default Re: Haye: Will Klitschko quit?

Originally Posted by MAJR View Post
Difference is that old, fat, washed up, un-motivated Lewis actually fought Vitali, and beat him, before hanging up his gloves. Vitali, if he choses to retire, will have done so having never stepped in the ring with Haye despite numerously saying he wants to knock him out.

Lewis owed Vitali nothing. Vitali had put in a brave and valiant showing but he'd failed. Lewis had nothing to prove by fighting a rematch.

Vitali owes Haye nothing but has said many times he wants a fight. Vitali has something to prove against Haye - that he's the better fighter and Haye's a loud-mouthed nobody who was never in his league - and if he walks away without fighting Haye he will lose face in a big way for never having proven it - just as Lewis lost face when he promised Vitali a rematch then retired.
Sorry, Vitali can retire tomorrow. Haye jerked the Klitschko's around for 3 years but that was OK but Vitali now has to fight the guy? Is Haye even ranked by anyone? Haye could/should have already fought both brothers by now but he didn't and has nobody to blame but himself.
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