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Default Re: Haye: Will Klitschko quit?

Originally Posted by MAJR View Post
I agree, Vitali could retire, and he could retire with a solid legacy and place in history as one of the most successful, and arguably one of the best, heavyweights of all time.

But, that wouldn't change the fact that he never fought Haye, and that he never proved himself better than Haye despite saying many time that he wants to knock Haye out.

And it would be a completely different scenario to when Lennox Lewis chose to retire, because Lewis beat Vitali before retiring while Vitali would have retired having never beaten Haye.

So trying to justify Vitali retiring without having fought Haye as if it was similar to Lewis retiring after beating Vitali doesn't hold water.

Vitali only has himself to blame for Haye being relevant. It was Boente and Vitali who came out immediately after Wlad beat Haye and said that the job wasn't finished and Vitali wanted to knock Haye out, and it was Vitali's camp who said he'd fight the winner of Haye/Chisora then appeared to do a complete U-Turn after Haye Knocked Chisora out impressively and declared that Haye would never get a shot because he turned him down to fight Chisora.

I think the fight would be good for boxing, that's why I want to see it, and Vitali's in a position where he cant really lose where his legacy's concerned. If he wins then he proves Haye was never in his league and if he loses he'll get a free-pass because people will say he's washed up and would have beaten Haye in his prime. So I dont see why it shouldn't happen, or why people are arguing that it shouldn't happen, regardless of whether Haye deserves it or not.
Haye a legacy fight?

Based on what? Haye is a nobody. In his one relevant Heavyweight fight he put on one of the most boring and disgraceful displays I have ever seen he didn't even attempt to win. And Haye is now somehow a legacy fight?
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