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Default Re: Haye: Will Klitschko quit?

Originally Posted by Neverchair View Post
I do understand why a lot of people are ****ed off with Haye and Im sure he will (quite rightly) only get a fraction of the money for this fight that he could of gotten a few years back.

But seriously, who else is it worth Haye fighting right now?

VK is the only meaningful fight out there for Haye.

... and vice versa!

Hence the public interest.
I actually find Haye to be quite entertaining/ funny and witty. I just dont mind that since he pulled this **** before that it happens to him now. Also a UK brawl between him and Fury or Price; two strong, tall, Klitschko like fighters who are both highly rated and undefeated would and could generate a decent $$ and rating. not to mention a likely #1 ranking in most Orgs after the fight. Guess Haye is just to busy filming reality series. It's not like he just got elected into Parliament. LOL as I typed that last part I just pictured him in Parliament like Ali G
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