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Default Re: How do you see Martinez-Golovkin going.

Originally Posted by pathmanc1986 View Post
If Golovkin can take the sting of Martinez' punches I think Golovkin beats him. Martinez imo doesnt have the boxing fundamentals to not take GGG's jab every so often and I see Golovkin taking him apart with the shorter, more text book punches.

To temper the Golovkin hype however, I think last night showed me that the talk of Golovkin going up against Ward and walking through him is nonsense. Ward would win a
pretty wide decision, albeit in a very boring fight.

Golovkin. Great to watch of course and hopefully over the next 2/3 years maybe we could see Golovkin, Chavez if he doesnt outgrow the weight, Barker, Macklin, Geale, Lee, Murray, Angulo, maybe Canelo Alvarez, Quillen and the random Pirog fight each other regularly. Shaping into a good division.
It's an interesting fight, I think. Martinez's speed and movement, plus the way he's able to beat up his opponents - he slices them to pieces - means he'll provide big problems for Golovkin. GGG benefited from Rosado's reluctance to open up too much. He could stalk without paying for it, and land shots while Rosado waited for counter opportunities.

But, as you say above Ero, that jab is a great tool. And one thing GGG has is consistency and patience. He'll gladly let Sergio have the early rounds just to be in position for the ***y one's mid-fight lull.
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