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Default Re: Haye: Will Klitschko quit?

Originally Posted by MAJR View Post
You didn't quite get what I said there did you. I'll repeat and put the relevant bits in bold and enlarge it.

"I think the fight would be good for boxing, that's why I want to see it, and Vitali's in a position where he cant really lose where his legacy's concerned. If he wins then he proves Haye was never in his league and if he loses he'll get a free-pass because people will say he's washed up and would have beaten Haye in his prime. So I dont see why it shouldn't happen, or why people are arguing that it shouldn't happen, regardless of whether Haye deserves it or not."

Try to read more closely in the future.

It has already been proven Haye is not in his league. If Haye fought as much as he talked he would be in a position for a Mandatory position. Maybe Haye can try and avenge his loss to Wlad?
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