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Default Re: Dempsey's vaunted run to the Title

Originally Posted by Johnstown View Post
Seamus you seem kind of full of ****...i did the same thing you did..went and clicked on box rec, looked at dempseys record. Yes he had some barn storming fights where he destroyed no hoppers..but than you also argue that most of the name fighters were worthless wins as well, because they had lost many recent fights. I looked at the records, all those name fighters had lost close tough fights to other name fighters, and those loses had in almost all cases been close tough fights. Dempsey went in and blew them out of the water. I am not in the mood to go in and start copy and pasting records, but i will do that if need be when i wake up.
Exactly the point I made earlier, although it doesn't appear to have been addressed.

Morris was dismissed for having "lost 4 of his previous 6," but 2 of those 4 losses were also to Dempsey.

It's as if the TS simply looked at Dempsey's record on boxrec, saw 4 red boxes and 2 green boxes next to Morris' name, and then assumed he was washed up.

Yet he had scored big wins over Fulton and Moran only the year before, and had beaten Levinsky, Smith, and Pelkey the year before that. He was as legit as any contender when he fought Dempsey.
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