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Default Re: Dempsey's vaunted run to the Title

Originally Posted by Rex Tickard View Post
Exactly the point I made earlier, although it doesn't appear to have been addressed.

Morris was dismissed for having "lost 4 of his previous 6," but 2 of those 4 losses were also to Dempsey.

It's as if the TS simply looked at Dempsey's record on boxrec, saw 4 red boxes and 2 green boxes next to Morris' name, and then assumed he was washed up.

Yet he had scored big wins over Fulton and Moran only the year before, and had beaten Levinsky, Smith, and Pelkey the year before that. He was as legit as any contender when he fought Dempsey.
A "big win" over Fulton? You mean the chicken who cried foul while fouling himself because the fix was in for the April Fulton-Morris affair? Or in the September return when the rough stuff caused Morris to be disqualified?

Here are some sample quotes from a Seattle Daily Times article, 1919 after he was beaten by novice Ole Anderson, giving evidence to continuing decline and/or inability to make it at the elite level. "Pertaining to the claim of foul that Carl Morris, joke heavyweight, put up on the stomach clout that Ole Anderson gave him..., let it be said that this claim of "foul" is nothing new on the part of the faint-hearted heavyweight who was well thumped... Great part of the life of the Sapulpa quince has been given over to receiving or losing decisions on fouls."

Here is another one, from the Salt Lake Telegram from 1917...
"Wonder if big Carl Morris can really fight? If he can it's a remarkable thing that in every fight he goes into there's trouble about fouls. A couple months back there was that business with Fred Fulton. Morris kept hitting Fulton below the belt and Fulton socked him back- also below the belt. Now comes Morris with a cry that in his recent fight with Tob McMahon .. referee Kennedy kept warning him that he must not his low, and said referee declared that Morris must have thought that McMahon wore his belt for a collar..."

I don't find Morris to be some great threat. Before the Dempsey losses, there were consecutive losses to Miske (a very good fighter), Fulton and McMahon and shortly before that another NWD loss to Coffey. No matter how you slice it, he was losing more than he was winning and he was trying to get his work done by either fouling or claiming foul.

Even the Dempsey KO was weird. As is readily available, there were cries of foul... which can be understood with such a quick outcome. But a few days before the fight, the Picayune is strangely calling for a first round KO. Either folks were aware of the little threat that Morris posed or there was something in the water...
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