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Default Re: duran v leonard greatness comparison.

Originally Posted by Gesta View Post
Duran was a carrer LW, Ray was a carrer WW, Hagler was a carrer MW. Pretty simple really.

Duran also fought at 154 before Roy Jones Jr too.

Ray had too fight Duran when he was out of shape to get the win in his own division & Hearns had too find a JR division to be a champ in.

Duran KO'd Buchanan , DeJesus , etc...

Floyd had to retire at WW , cause Margorito , Cotto , Williams etc.. were coming good , I think that is safe to say that if Duran was around he would of 'retired' then too.
Ray's wins is why I think he was greater. Those 4 wins over all the others, something Hearns,Duran or Hagler did not do. Duran grew out of the lightweight division early enough. Ray was a natural 147,even 154 was a bit much for Ray, yet Duran fought better at 168 than Ray ever did.
Well the fact he fought at 154 before Roy Jones Jr. doesn't mean much. The significance of when he fought at 154 is with the greats he actually fought Benitez,Hearns,Leonard,Hagler. Two of those guys Benitez and Hearns fought him at 154, where people said he was too high in weight and old. Old at 30 for Wilfred and 32 for Thomas.

Ray fought his fight is the explanation I have, and since he won 2 fights easily, the variable had to be Ray. One can say Duran had to get Ray to fight his fight to win because like it or not Duran was one of Ray's easiest fights when Ray prepared and knew how to fight him. In 1989 he knew he would easily beat Duran in the rubber match. And won every round. People say Duran was old then, but so was Ray and still Ray beat him. Once Ray fought his fight Duran could not beat him.
Buchanan and Dejesus are good fighters. HOF, but not ATG fighters or close. The closest thing Duran got to knocking out an ATG is Cuevas, who is debatable as an ATG but a HOF fighter. A legend no doubt, but ATG? Borderline, and Pipino was at 154 in 1983 when they fought.
I admit, Duran fought them all, but he did not beat the greats. That I think should have been significant in rating his career, especially the question who is greater Ray or Duran. People say, well he was old and out of his best weight lightweight. But does his lightweight reign justify being ranked over Ray? I don't think so. So what does get him over the top? Having over 100 fights? He had a great career, but I don't see how it compares to Ray's wins.
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