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Default Re: GGG vs Julio Cesar Chavez Jr @160 - Who wins?

Originally Posted by HawkFan16 View Post
You've shown a few troll tendencies at several moments in the past, but for the most part haven't been too huge of a troll. That was to get your attention.

Now that I have your attention: three month ban bet if the fight happens. Bump this thread, and I will honor it. I'm gone for three months if Jr. beats GGG, you're gone for three months if GGG beats Jr. Deal?

Troll tendencies in the past?

I had fun with the Pac**** rabble after Bradley 'beat' him, can't blame a guy for that, especially as a long suffering JMM fan on ESB. I'm no troll though, so you can stow that ****.

The fight will be very close, either way, it's a dangerous bet, but I'll take it.
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