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Default Re: Prime MW Pavlik v. GGG

Originally Posted by thawk888 View Post
Aww man. Well, now that Kelly has officially retired, you should treat yourself. It really was one of Hopkins best performances in the ring.

****, back them days, it was Pavlik fans vs Calzombies. I ain't tryin' to say it had anything on the Pac/Floyd wars on here, but those threads would jump up to 20 + pages in no time. After I made that post, I logged off this mug until after the fight.

I even had my ol' lady get on the cpu to make sure who won the next day (not that I had a real doubt, just was curious as to how bad it was).

I watched the highlights man, and I seen Hops doin **** like twirlin' one hand (almost PopEye style) and then smack Kelly with the other one.

I still say **** it, I ain't watchin' that ****.
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