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Default Re: Dempsey v Langford

Originally Posted by Theron View Post
Well Tunney said himself it was so hard to hit Dempey (even old rusty one) because he tucked his chin in so much and had great head movement, The Firpo one was just slugger vs slugger and Firpo got a good shot in punchers chance Dempsey was on his knees for a split second flash knockdown,
When Jack fought Flynn he hadnt eaten for 4 days i think that has to take a toll on somebody

Saying all that though im not really sure, will watch and see for others arguments to make my mind up
I've heard tunney say the same but I don't see it on film and he did get quite swollen against tunney I believe.

Firpo dropped him twice I think, once out of the ring for enough time it would have cost him the fight by modern rules.

Jake LaMotta used to starve himself for a fortnight before fights and that never damaged his punch resistance. I think Dempsey's career proves he can be hurt. The only big punchers he faced were Fulton and Firpo. He neverrt Fulton get started but Firpo came mighty close to the title.
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