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Default Re: GGG vs Julio Cesar Chavez Jr @160 - Who wins?

Originally Posted by OnePunchKO View Post
It tells me that if I created a poll, it would be Juanitas and *****s voting that Marquez is clean because of the collective hatred towards Pacquiao.

A prime Marquez couldn't KD or KO Pacquiao. After he linked up with a PED expert (whose father owns a drug lab and has tried to hide his identity), he blew up in size, hurt iron-chinned Pacquiao with every single shot he landed, got a KD and a KO.


But you're long suffering, so it's okay that Juan was roided!

Iron chinned Pacquiao that's been KTFO 3 times now and who went down like he'd just been shot and put on ***** street for a full minute by a jab.

Quiet yourself.
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