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Default Re: Adrian Broner fans tell me what's suppose to impress me about Broner?

Originally Posted by DoctorIron View Post
I keep hearing how he's this monster who everyone's afraid of who beats up
everyone and will one day rule 6 divisions.

He goes life and death wih Daniel Ponce de León

Is fighting some 5 foot midget

Ducking the entire 140 by refusing to go up despite the fact he's clearly a 140 fighter.

Leaves himself open to get hit way too much.

Makes re**** noises when he swings.

So tell me what's gonna stop someone like Lucas or Garcia at 140...f rom taking his god damn head off the moment he steps up?
I don't even like Broner, but this post is ignorant. Ponce is an EXCELLENT fighter, maybe a Great one. If you couldn't see Broner's class in the win over DeMarco then you DKSAB.
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